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Updated 30 October 2017
Weather factors driving energy use
Pacific Gas & Electric provides 99% of their 9.7 million northern California customers with a free energy management system. It’s called "Share My Data". PG&E customer Mission Hill Creamery makes premium ice cream, Share My Data keeps it green. Read...
Updated 12 June 2017
Weather factors driving energy use
Energy professionals, there are two numbers that might surprise (and engage) your clients – their building’s balance point and cost per degree. Weather may be driving up their energy costs even on mild days. Read...
Updated 2 February 2017
Your Building’s Favorite Holiday? Not Columbus Day
We analyzed meter data from 1,000 U.S. facilities and only 15% show any significant drop in electricity use on Columbus Day. By comparison, 93% of Christmases, 83% of New Year’s Days, and 72% of Thanksgivings did show large drops. Read...
Updated 17 October 2016
EIA - source for U.S. retail energy prices
How do you translate energy savings into dollars and cents when you don't have utility bills or tariffs? The U.S. Energy Information Administration has what you need, and it's free and automated! Read...
Updated 2 May 2016
Sherlock Holmes, Energy Detective
The conclusion to The Case of the Reluctant Client. The trail grows hot (and cold) with the weather. Then there is the matter of the missing holidays. Holmes and Dr. Watson take a short stroll down memory lane, recalling the incident with the angry vicar. Read...
Updated 4 April 2016
Sherlock Holmes, Energy Detective
A mysterious client seeks Sherlock Holmes' help in salvaging a partnership and lowering energy costs. The catch? His only clues are to be found in the client's interval meter data. Dr. Watson is skeptical. Read...
Updated 23 November 2015
IEA - source for international retail energy prices
Finding retail electricity prices for countries outside the U.S. can be a hit or miss proposition. But we recently found an excellent source – the International Energy Agency's IEA Online Data Service. Read...
Updated 6 July 2015
EnergyAi Blog - ESCOs and Green Button
Energy professionals - there's a good chance that your clients' electric utility offers a free, simple energy management system for their facilities – the Green Button. And pushing that button should be an important addition to your toolkit. Read...
Updated 9 February 2015
EnergyAi Blog - Interval Meter Data Sources
Where can I get my interval meter data? The most common answer to this question is "from your utility, even if they don’t advertise its availability!" Many utilities provide meter data to business customers, but you need to know where to look. We maintain a list on our website. Read...