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EnergyAi - Energy analysis for small, medium, and large businesses
So you'd like to reduce your building's energy use, and save some money, and shrink your carbon footprint. First step? Consult the in-house expert who knows more about your energy use than anyone else - your electric or gas meter.
A smart meter measures your energy use every few minutes. This information can answer some important questions (click on a question to expand):
Easy, cheap, fast
ENERGYai® analyzes your meter data to answer these questions and more. You don’t need any special software or hardware. Just send us your energy use data (or have your utility send it to us), and we’ll email the ENERGYai® Meter Insights report to you, usually the same day. Click here to see a sample report.
The cost for a report is US$20. And if the report does not provide valuable insights about your energy use, you get a full refund.
Privacy and security
Your meter data is sensitive information. It can reveal occupancy patterns and other operational behavior. We NEVER share your data or analysis results with a third party without your EXPLICIT permission. Click here to view our full privacy policy.
In fact, you don’t have to describe your facility, or provide its address. Other than your energy use data, the only things ENERGYai® needs to know is the first 3 characters of its zip or postal code (so we can identify the nearest weather station) and an email address for delivering the Meter Insights report.
Your meter data may contain identifying information, like an account number or street address. Some utilities include this, others don’t. ENERGYai® does not store this information, and the data is archived off-line after the report is delivered.
Any questions?
You can talk to a real live person at 510-847-6103. We’re in California, so Pacific time zone business hours are best. Otherwise leave a message and we’ll get back to you asap. Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or email us at